Divoom Tivoo Max

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Divoom Tivoo Max

Great Audio,Party Everywhere.

Equipped with 40W output and 2.1 stereo audio. Tivoo-Max is an acoustic beast that delivers the ultimate audio experience.

Introducing Divoom Pixel Art Community

Pixel Art Creation

Pixel art is the soul of Tivoo-Max, and we provided five different pixel art creation methods. This is best pixel art canvas ever.

LED Editor

You can convert your Tivoo-Max into a message billboard. Just enter your message, and let it play.

Smart Alarm
 To make sure that you start your days right, Tivoo-Max stimulates the real-life sun rise effect, where both lighting and audio alarm come on gradually. And there’re many customizable built-in profiles for you to choose from:

Sleep Aid
 Tivoo ensures a great night of sleep with its built-in high quality Alphawave white noise tracks, as well as its special calibrated melatonin-inducing light waves

Social Media Notifications

When you receive a message or an event, Tivoo-Max will flash the corresponding logo to remind you.

Daily Tools

Tivoo-Max comes with many useful daily functions, such as the DJ Mixer.