The New Element of Music



1. 360°DSP-Tuned True Surround Sound
2. 4 Drivers w/30-watts Audio Power
3. Symmetric Aligned Drivers & Touch Panel Control
4. 5000mAh Li-on Battery w/6hrs Playtime
5. TwS Double Up Stereo Pairing



360°Surround sound

Atom delivers its incredible audio to the omni direction
You can now enjoy your songs from any direction

Symmetric alignment

Symmetric alignned drivers design on Atom
An ‘unique’ bass effect with the internal central compression

DSP fine-tuned

Powered by the Texas Instrument DSP
Acoustic detail fine-tuned by Divoom audio engineers


Surround Sound



Harmony of advance acoustic

Eliminating distortion with the most advance acoustic hardware
Mid/high notes are crystal clear and the bass is more powerful

Double up pairing

Double up and pair two Atom together
It’s a musical fiesta for your ears.

*This feature is only available on the Divoom speakers with ’Double up’ function.

Refined longevity

7hrs+ playtime w/5000mAh Li-on battery
Enjoy your music anywhere

Bluetooth 4.2

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology
The Atom delivers the most stable wireless music

Ultra convenience

Integrated high quality microphone and sensor
Enjoy your hands-free conversation

Speakerphone capability

1. Hold : ON/OFF
Press : Change chroma light effects.
2. Double up pairing
(pair with another Divoom Atom)
3. Hold : Previous song
 Touch : Decrease volume
4. Hold : Bluetooth seeking/Reject call
Touch : Play/Pause/Answer/Hang up
5. Hould : Next song
Touch : Increase volume

For ‘Double up’ pairing:

1. Power ON one of the ATOM, and touch the ‘double up’ key.
2. Once the ‘double up’ key’s flashing, please power on the other ATOM.
3. The two ATOM would paired up automatically, followed with a chime tone.
4. In Settings>Bluetooth, please search and pair with the ‘Divoom ATOM’.


Equipped with two pairs of symmetrical lined-up DSP-tuned full ranges and high
performance tweeters. Divoom Atom produces a 20 watts stunning audio to both
sides of the speaker, and you can further enhance the incredible sound by linking another
Divoom Atom. The full spectrum RGB chroma LED also takes the music experience to a
whole new level, where you can enjoy the future of acoustic like never before.


*  Four symmetrical drivers design with 20W unparallel audio power.
*  360°True surround sound delivers full room of stunning audio.
*  Link-up two Divoom Saturn to enhance the incredible sound experience.
*  Futuristic design with the touch control panel and full RGB chroma lighting.
*  Enhance visual experience with the integrated chroma lighting effects.


Driver  size:   2.5”×2, 22mm×2
Output  power:         30W
Frequency  Response:    60-20000Hz  
Signnal-to-Noise Ratio:    ≥78dB  
Playback  Time:        Up to 6-7hours
Battery  Capacity:       5000mAh
Battery  Voltage:           7.4V
Battery  Charge  time:    3.5-4hours  
Charge  :    Via  USB cable, 5V-2A
Wireless Range:           Up to 10 meters/33feet