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New Rugged Speaker The Voombox Outdoor Released / 05.01.2014
As summer comes to the UK, more and more of us will be taking advantage of it by relaxing outside – and if you want to listen to some music while you’re relaxing, you want something robust enough to cope with what the outdoor conditions might bring.
Finishing touches to your new home! / 05.05.2014
Having tested it out, we would say that the sound quality is very good generally. We’ve all tried playing music using the speaker from our mobile phone, only to turn it off as the sound was so low there was little point- the Divoom Onbeat 500 is perfect for that. Take it with you for some background music at a picnic, or even as a work out buddy at the park.
Top 5 Rugged and Ultra-Portable Clip-On Bluetooth Mini-Speakers for Summer Adventures / 05.06.2014
Pros:Fits nicely in the hand, pocket, or belt and has a great sound, with the perfect combination of large driver and small bass radiator.The only ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker that allows you to skip tracks backward as well as forward.
Divoom Bluetune Solo Bluetooth Speaker. / 05.07.2014
If your mom likes to listen to music, this speaker is a great addition to her travel bag, or to use around the house. It might be tiny for a speaker, but it features a patented PO-Bass technology that has a deep base sound and a built-in microphone that lets her talk on the phone if she needs to. The battery lasts up to eight hours, and the speaker is completely wireless. It’s only $40 and available in white, orange, red, blue and slate (
Weatherproof Voombox / 05.09.2014
If Mom likes to spend time outdoors – in the backyard or out camping – and loves listening to her tunes, then she just might like the Divoom VoomBox Outdoor. It’s a portable wireless Bluetooth 4.0 speaker with a rubberized water resistant case that will keep it dry from a few splashes.
Gadgets / 05.09.2014
Divoom Voombox-Travel – $49.90 – This palm size, rechargeable and portable Bluetooth speaker is specifically designed for rugged conditions with its splash-resistant case and 6-hour battery life. The built-in microphone allows for wireless calls and it’s available in red, blue, black and green.
Divoom Voombox Travel Review – The Little Big Rugged Package / 05.31.2014
Conclusion: Divoom is getting good at making inexpensive audio accessories, not only in the quality of the sound they produce, but the quality of the build as well.  The Divoom Voombox Travel is a great little companion device when you’re heading out doors and want something easy to carry for a little background sound.
Competitions / 2014
Listen to your music on the go with Divoom with 1 x Voombox Outdoor and 2 x Voombox Travel to give away!
Divoom Voombox Outdoor Bluetooth speaker / 2014
I’m of the opinion that the Braven 520 speaker range is one of the best looking speakers on the market. But it’s a little to pretty for the great outdoors, and mine spends most of its life delicately perched on my coffee table, making me look good. If your life is a little bit more burly but you still want the great quality Bluetooth sound, then there’s the Voombox Outdoor. '
DiVoom Voombox Outdoor Portable Wireless Speaker Review /05.2014
The Voombox delivers powerful sound in a very portable package. Thanks to its element proof exterior you can take it pretty much anywhere you travel so you can instantly share your sound...
5 Awesome Deals On Outdoor Speakers /05.2014
Have you ever seen such a rugged-looking bit of audio kit? This speaker not only supports Bluetooth wireless play from 10m away but was built to withstand the elements of the great outdoors. If Bear Grylls realised he couldn’t craft a Bluetooth speaker on the hoof from elephant dung, this is the one he’d pack for his travels. Probably.
Best tech under $50 Divoom Voombox Travel Bluetooth speaker /05.2014
If Dad's on the road a lot -- or out by the pool -- he'll appreciate the Divoom Voombox Travel. For under $50, it's one of the better-sounding -- and more rugged -- wireless speakers you can buy.
A Bluetooth contender but not quite a champion / 06.03.2014
The Good The Divoom Voombox Outdoor is compact, rugged wireless Bluetooth speaker that's splashproof and plays very loud for its size. It's equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and has a built-in speakerphone. It's well suited for casual listening outdoors.
Hands on ... Divoom Voombox Travel Speaker / 06.07.2014
Good points? The sound quality is very impressive for such a diminutive device. The depth of the output is akin to ultrasound and feels like it's penetrating to the core. The design and manufacturing are both excellent with simple set-up and operation the main benefits of this speaker when compared to rivals.
Luxuries: Summer beach gear / 06.15.2014
The Divoom Voombox outdoor weatherproof speaker is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology and connects wirelessly to devices from up to 32 feet away. $94.91 at
Divoom Voombox: The first truly rugged outdoor Bluetooth speaker / 06.19.2014
The Voombox seems to display quality credentials. Audio quality is always important for a Bluetooth speaker, and the Voombox delivers with five well-balanced drivers within. They deliver clean highs, a punchy mid-range and deep bass, so you should have a good audio experience no matter what your tastes. 15W of peak power ensures that your Voombox will be heard even in the loudest parties, and is more than capable of filling the average living room.
Divoom Voombox-Travel is an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker for the outdoorsman / 06.20.2014
I certainly cannot pretend to be an audiophile, but these speakers sound great. The Voombox-Travel has a 2-inch full range driver with a 2-inch passive radiator that delivers incredible bass. In fact, considering the palm size of these speakers, I was quite surprised that they could deliver such powerful sound.
Divoom Voombox-Travel is an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker for the outdoorsman / 06.20.2014
A recent outdoor event in which I only had my iPhone on me quickly changed my perspective. If you’ve ever tried listening to music through the iPhone speakers, you probably agree that the smartphone sounds pretty awful. Thankfully, I had packed an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker in my backpack. It’s called the Divoom Voombox-Travel….
Review: Divoom Voombox Travel / 06.2014
Because it's bulkier, heavier and, frankly, more thoughtfully designed than the other speakers tested here, I assumed it'd cost a lot more than it does. It also sounds far better than the other competitors here nearly zero audible distortion; and smooth, natural mids but the highs are clearer than I heard from the Oontz Curve If I had to choose just one of these speakers, it'd be this one. Love the sound, love the design.
Select Traveller / 06.2014
Gifts for Guys, Dads and Dudes / 06.2014
Audio sounds especially great when used with dedicated players. Add wireless capability, a built-in mic for answering phone calls via a synced Smartphone, 12-hour battery life, as well as water resistance and you’ve got a pretty solid portable speaker
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