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Divoom Onbeat-200 – Make Your Mobile Audio Come Alive (Review) / 12.23.2013
Final Thoughts If you’re looking for an affordable yet powerful portable wireless speaker, I highly suggest the Divoom Onbeat-200. Yes it may be from a company that you’ve probably never heard of before but the performance on these speakers are just as good or if not better than some of the more well known speaker brands. It’s well made, fairly tough and rugged, and sounds great. Not only that, it comes in a variety of different colors to suit many different fashion tastes and weighs less than a pound for easy portability. . It’s a really good price for a a really great sounding speaker.
Review:Divom ONBEAT-200 / 12.21.2013
The Divoom ONBEAT-200 is a great choice for those individuals looking for an affordable portable Bluetooth speaker that has great battery life, comes in multiple colors and sounds superb.  The materials used in the construction of the ONBEAT-200 not only make it ascetically eye pleasing by also durable as well.  If you’re on the hunt for a Bluetooth speaker under $100 that sounds great check out the ONBEAT-200 today.
Divoom Bluetune-Bean, the perfect pocket sized Bluetooth Speaker [Review] / 12.21.2013
The good: The anodized metal hoop at the top is a pretty useful addition. You can hang it on a hook, or use the carabiner clip to connect it to a belt loop or backpack. For the sound and the price point, it is a great little speaker to have handy. For its size I was quite surprised by the volume level of the speaker The audio quality is clear and unlike many other smaller speakers that I have seen and used
Divoom Bluetune Bean Bluetooth Speaker Review / 12.18.2013
The good: The sound quality is really good and can be fairly loud without distortion.  Last Call: Divoom’s Bluetune Bean Bluetooth Speaker  is a little marvel with big sound pack into a bean smaller than a computer mouse.  It has the extras you would want from a Bluetooth speaker and more, with its built-in microphone and telephone interaction this is the perfect hands-free device to hang in your car for taking a call or listening to mapping directions while keeping your eyes and hands on the road. .
Divoom Bluetune Bean / 12.2013
So you’re thinking, “Hey, man, all those wireless speakers sound nice and all but the pricing’s too high. I mean, if I’m gonna spend that much on a speaker, I’ll be giving it as a gift ...
Bluetune-Bean by Divoom / 12.15.2013
Bluetooth 3.0 streams tunes at an incredibly high rate with great success. Each pocket-sized speaker has more than 30 feet of wireless connectivity, and the sound quality is incredible. I was also pleased with how great the speakerphone function works. You can take and make phone calls with crystal-clear audio. A carabineer clip is attached to each speaker for easy toting.
Budget gizmo gift guide / 12.13.2013
FEELING BLUISH: Stuff a stocking with one of this year's mighty-mite Bluetooth wireless portable speakers. The palm-sized Divoom Bluetune-Bean ($29.99, is super cute, sonically sweet and comes in colors.
eatured Review: Divoom Bluetune Bean Wireless Bluetooth Speaker / 12.12.2013
The good: The Bluetune does have a built-in microphone, it’s also pocket sized, has big wireless sound. Not to mention the clip-on design. The Bluetune is a great looking speaker that comes in a variety of colors. It’s also pretty cheap at only $29.99. . It’s been able to last all day listening to Google Play Music and such, without needing to be recharged.
21 of 21 from Best portable mini Bluetooth speakers / 12.10.2013
There are several tiny canister-style speakers out there, but the Divoom Bluetune-Solo manages to stand out just enough from the pack to warrant additional consideration
Be on the look out for: Onbeat-200 / 12.09.2013
Different from Divoom’s previous speakers, the Onbeat-200 sports not one, but two speakers. The device comes in at a portable 6 inches and of course a passive bass radiator is included in the design for that added depth topped with onboard controls and built in microphone.
Gunaxin’s Favorite Things : Travel / 12.09.2013
Pocket size hands-free music enjoyment. crisp and clear sound quality ;10 meters of wireless range, making it ideal for outdoor use
Gift suggestions for the music lover on your shopping list / 12.05.2013
Divoom Bean What it is: A small, stout Bluetooth speaker with a handy carabiner clip to make it easy to attach to your backpack. This little speaker provides great sound, runs for six hours on a charge and would make a great gift for the kids on your list. It comes in six colors. The Bean also has a microphone for taking or making phone calls. Who’s it for: An inexpensive gift for anyone on your list.
Tech Review: Divoom OnBeat 500 / 11.27.2013
We have had plenty of Bluetooth speakers at So So Gay, but one of the best by far is the Divoom Onbeat 500 – portable, LOUD and versatile. No matter how you prefer to play your music, this beast is down with it
Customer Reviews / 11.24.2013
By Dr. Bojan Tunguz : One of the best features of this speaker is its sound quality. This small device can really deliver crisp, loud sound
Gadget review: Divoom Onbeat-200 / 11.22.2013
The good: For its size, this thing is LOUD. sounds reasonably good, and has great connectivity and battery life The bad: crank up the noise and the bass is quickly overwhelmed, leading to overemphasised mid-tones and a tinny, nasal sound in rock songs. Other genres fare better.
Divoom BlueTune Bean Hands-on (Review) / 11.21.2013
The good: The Bean feels very solid. despite it’s small size, is surprisingly loud The biggest advantage to the Bean is the price. It costs $30. That’s less than some cases, and definitely less than most Bluetooth speakers we’ve come across. It’s a small mono speaker, but it does what it’s made to do, and it does it well.
Top tech gifts and gadgets for tech lovers this holiday season / 11.19.2013
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The Divoom Bluetune Bean speaker sounds off / 11.18.2013
The Bottom Line The Divoom Bluetune Bean is not the best or most powerful portable speaker on the market, but it brings value and variety to the table. It produced solid sound for both music and talk, though it isn't exactly in the high-end market. However, for a reasonable price and simple needs, it's a solid solution. Not amazing, but certainly not a waste of your hard earned money either.
2013 Consumer Electronics Christmas Gifts Guide for Him & Her / 11.18.2013
The website is known for publishing detailed technical reviews of commercial audio, video and other electronics equipment, based on objective measurements that help consumers make more educated purchase decisions.
Divoom's Bluetune Bean is a pocket sized go anywhere wonder / 11.17.2013
The bad: once the volume gets up to around seventy five percent it does start to get distorted. The good: The good: it was great on the go and being able to clip it to my persons, backpack, bike, etc. was incredibly convenient
Blutooth speaker from DIVOOM / 11.16.2013
Speaker has amazing strength for something so small ! It has a great price you can't go wrong.
Divoom's range of Bluetooth speakers / 11.16.2013
Divoom's range of Bluetooth speakers brings style and sound to the everyday music lover Divoom introduces the Bluetune and Onbeat range, a selection of portable Bluetooth speakers that enable music lovers everywhere to affordably play and share music anywhere.
Review: Divoom BLUETUNE-POP – your ultimate music buddy Sound / 11.14.2013
Surprisingly rich and clear, especially when popped up to enable the extra base. When popped down it can sound slightly distorted if turned up very loudly but this is easily solved by popping it back up.
Divoom Onbeat-200 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker / 11.14.2013
Summary: The Divoom Onbeat-200 Bluetooth Wireless speaker is a gorgeous little thing which has pretty reasonable sound quality given exactly what it is and doesn’t cost the earth. If you are looking for a wireless speaker that you can answer calls with via Bluetooth or just listen to the music that you love, then make sure the Divoom Onbeat-200 is on your shopping list!
Divoom Bluetune-Bean: A Compact, Clip-on, Bluetooth Speaker for the Style-Conscious Traveler / 11.10.2013
Divoom’s portable, rechargeable wireless speakers Bluetune-bean is ideal for travelers.
Some entry level Bluetooth speakers to consider / 11.08.2013
Bean is quite loud and very much fills my office space with music, even in the next couple rooms over, it is audible. . Bean is a quick, grab and go, loud and sporty Bluetooth speaker. At $29.00, it is a reasonable purchase for a wireless speaker
Holiday Gift Guide and Review: The Powerful, And Stylish Bluetune Bean Bluetooth Speaker / 11.06.2013
The only downside Divoom isn’t a popular manufacturer in the United States and brand conscious consumers are going to frown when they realize it’s not a name brand speaker like Jabra or JawBone. Once you can demonstrate the product though it competes with similar sized speakers from any manufacturer.
Compact enough to fit in your pocket, the Bluetune-Bean is ideal for everyday use
Divoom Bluetune-Bean Bluetooth speaker review / 11.03.2013
Conclusion: The Divoom Bluetune-Bean is a small, compact Bluetooth speaker with rugged construction.  It is available in lots of fun color options and its useful carabiner feature allows it to be attached to belt loops, purse traps or all sorts of places.  Easy pairing, simple controls and some decent sound from its small size.  A great little speaker for the price.
A portable speaker that clips onto almost anything for hands-free music enjoyment / 2013
I’ve got another random awesome gadget that I was just tipped off about! This is the Divoom: Bluetune – Bean. It features Bluetooth v3.0 that ensures crisp and clear sound quality.
Eight of the best Bluetooth mini speakers / 2013
Summary: We round up the best Bluetooth mini speakers we have found to rock the world around you with crisp clear sound.