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Divoom Airbeat-10 Bluetooth Speaker / 17.01.2015
Considering how small the Airbeat-10 is the audio quality is surprisingly good. It won’t leave you speechless, but for a budget speaker such as this I was impressed. Volume wise it packs a punch and I rarely found myself using it at 100% volume, even in the shower I had it set around 70%/80% of max volume.
Divoom Voombox Travel Review / 16.01.2015
When it comes to speakers I think that the bass is very important. So when I saw on the casing that it said the Divoom Voombox Travel had a super bass, I was excited to play my music. I was definitely not disappointed. As Nicki Minaj would say “Boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass
Divoom Bluetooth speakers offer big sound in a small package / 17.12.2014
Conclusion Both speakers struggled with the speaker/headphone playlist suggested by the Jam Audio blog. Excelling at neither highs, mids, or lows, it was mediocre and had minor distortion when played at loud volumes. Sound is clear and loud at moderately loud levels, but this is no HiFi system. Consequently, the speakers are great for simple grab-and-go situations. As I mentioned in the introduction: when choosing a speaker, it is important to determine what one is seeking.
Shower-Friendly Speakers / 19.12.2014
The Divoom Airbeat-10 is Splash-Proof and Versatile The Divoom Airbeat-10 is a portable Bluetooth speaker that is equally at ease in your shower and on your bicycle. The speaker is completely splash-proof, and comes with a suction cup that makes it easy for you to attach it to the wall beside your shower or on your bicycle for long rides. Not only do water splashes not harm the speaker's electronics, but they don't impede the sound quality as well.
Weighty and weatherproof, this bulky Bluetooth boombox makes a sizzling stab at sonic stardom / 18.11.2014
The design is brash and no-nonsense; the Divoom Voombox weighs-in a seriously worrying (for light-packers) 726g thanks to its proper metal speaker grilles. It’s also worth pointing out that the Divoom Voombox has two speakers, something that helps immensely in delivering decent audio; stereo is a rarity at this size.
Which Bluetooth speaker is right for you? / 14.11.2014
The Voombox-Ongo is an outdoor cat, for sure, with ruggedized, silicone wrap-around protection between front-and-back speaker grilles secured to alloy frames by tiny hex screws. It looks industrial and feels substantial.
iPhone Life's 2014 Rugged Gear Gift Guide / 14.11.2014
If you are looking for the best value on a ruggedized Bluetooth speaker, be sure to check out Divoom's Bluetooth speaker options. Their Voombox line of rugged speakers boast spectacular sound, with solid bass, all wrapped up in a shell that is splash-proof, shock-resistant and dust-proof. Available in a range of sizes, from an ultra-portable "travel" version ,to the larger and more robust Voombox Outdoor, Divoom has something that should fit anyone's criteria with their versatile and durable Voombox heavy-duty speakers.
Divoom Airbeat-10 Water-Resistant Bicycle and Shower Bluetooth Speaker / 12.11.2014
The speaker isn’t just bells, whistles, weather proofing and tripod mounts. No, Divoom also put attention on the audio offered by this small speaker. And while this small speaker isn’t going to compete with larger audiophile speakers it certainly will get the job done.
Divoom Airbeat-10 Bluetooth speaker / 11.11.2014
Conclusion The Divoom Airbeat-10 Bluetooth Speaker is small enough to sit on your bike's handlebar or on your car's dash, but it provides such loud volume that you won't need a bigger speaker. The excellent audio quality and strong bass make this speaker not only a party favorite or road companion but also an office or home fixture for sublter music tracks such as relaxation and classical genres. The speaker is also quite affordable. Editor's Ratings (1-5): 4.5
Stay Up-to-date with the Newest on-the-go Gear Divoom Voombox Portable Speaker Bluetooth / 11.2014
This wireless device streams clear audio, and even has a built-in microphone for hands-free calls. This device is also wonderful for those who spend time outdoors. It's splash resistant and built for the outdoors, and has a six hour battery life. Use it while you're on the move, or lounging by the pool. One "very pleased" user said that they liked the bass it had, for "such a little speaker."
Best Electronic Gifts 2014 Edition / 11.2014
Why We Like It: When I first heard the DiVoom Voombox travel speaker I was, above all, impressed by the sheer amount of bottom end the little driver put out. This is a wireless Bluetooth speaker that will play your music even if you’re over 20-25 feet away.
Airbeat-10 Bluetooth Speaker from Divoom / 11.2014
The Divoom Airbeat-10 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a suction cup and resonating technology that turns any hard flat surface into an extra subwoofer that amplifies the bass. Its splash-proof feature and portable design makes it an ideal shower or bath companion, and its bike mount creates the perfect speaker to listen to music both inside and outside the home.
Best tech gifts under $50 / 11.2014
The Divoom Voombox Travel ratchets things up a notch by adding water resistance to the equation. For under $50, it's one of the better-sounding -- and more rugged -- wireless speakers you can buy.